Protect the Core

Protect the Core: Rule #2 Respect Your Relationship at All Times.


No matter who we are around, we will respect our relationship at all times: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Respect! This is imperative to establishing a healthy and happy relationship. You must honor your partner and your relationship no matter the situation. Everyone should know how much you value your relationship and must respect your partner and relationship as much as […]

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The PTC Doctrine: The 10 Rules All Couples Should Follow for a Happy Relationship!

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Relationships are complex, however, there are basic tenets that should be practiced in all relationships in order for them to have a solid foundation. Couples grow and change but if the core of the relationship is strong, couples are able to grow together as opposed to growing apart. The Protecting the Core (PTC) Doctrine details the 10 […]

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